I woke up in Houston today. I’m staying in an Airbnb with a guy named Mohammed. He’s a tech consultant with a tech consultant apartment. Very sterile, clean, barely decorated, but welcoming. It’s cheap and the homies are busy so here I am.

I've been working on like five projects at any given time for the last six months. In some ways I think it’s really cool because I always have things going on and projects in various stages so it’s never really boring. Also being independent it’s good to have the schedule tiered so the money can come in tiered too instead of being broke for hella long and getting like three bags all at once.

Oh and I got a new laptop. Not new new, but new to me. It’s a 2012 (replacing my 2010) 11 inch macbook air. 2012 is a good year because it’s the last year Steve Jobs resided over the design of macbooks. This shit is fast but my fonts looks a lil crazy and I still need an updated crack for Ableton. If you got a license or an updated crack let a nigga know.

I found out two days ago that a song I thought was finished I have to mix and master again. I was so upset when I found out I closed the laptop and walked out of the house. I get upset because I don’t like to waste my own time but I also know that I have to uphold the BIYDIY standard. It’s all good. I’m re-doing that shit today and it’s gonna be out soon soon. It’s a record with David Morgan from Dallas. We got some shit queued up for 2019 that will be the soundtrack. It’s all worth working for. Being your best is worth the work.

Also, the hoodies sold out like 2 days after our last post.

I never get used to the feeling of making something from an idea, dropping it and people showing that kind of love. Thank you the the Family as always.

Next BIYDIY drop is on deck.